Lisa Boothe Debunks Elizabeth Warren’s Stories of Being Fired over Pregnancy

‘She has not been asked these tough questions’


BOOTHE: “Absolutely and this comes at a time where she’s clearly searching, she has emerged as a front runner in the Iowa caucus primary. As 538’s Nate Silver says the story is not being picked up by the mainstream media. Actually to the detriment of Democratic voters because she is going to head into a general election where she is not really been impressed by the media, she has not been asked these tough questions and the times where she has, she released a video after being called Pocahontas telling Americans that she is actually less native American than the average white person, or in interviews where she’s been remotely present she’s completely floundered in being able to answer why she lied to us for so many years being native American. She’s not been pressed on this.”

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