Biden Spox Claims that the White House Cleared Hunter Biden to Serve on Ukraine Gas Company’s Board

‘In 2014 the White House cleared hunter serving on the board’

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BEDINGFIELD: " He has. He’s been asked and he said, 'Look, every single independent outlet that’s looked into this has said there was no issue of wrongdoing here.' And you know in 2014 the White House cleared Hunter serving on that board. So he has absolutely been asked that question and he’s answered it many times. But what he’s not going to do and what our campaign is not going to do is play by Donald Trump’s rule book. I mean this is what they want to do. Overnight we saw an AP headline that says that Rudy Giuliani and some of his cohorts, while they were in Ukraine trying to dig up dirt, make up dirt on Joe Biden, they were also trying to make a buck off of Ukrainian natural gas contracts. Who was surprised to learn that? I mean, really, who was surprised to learn that?”

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