Graham on Second Ukraine Whistleblower: ‘This Is Kavanaugh All Over Again’

‘Remember Kavanaugh, that started with one complaint that wound up being unverifiable’


GRAHAM: “I don’t know but remember Kavanaugh? Remember Kavanaugh, that started with one complaint that wound up being unverifiable, a complaint against Judge Kavanaugh and a party that took place in high school 30 years ago, without any notice of where it happened and when it happened, and everybody described to be there said it didn’t happen, and five more allegations came after that. What did we learn in Kavanaugh? That they were coaching witnesses and they were piling on to try to create an impression that Judge Kavanaugh was a flawed human being. This is Kavanaugh all over again the second whistleblower if there is one, are they within the Intel community and what is it about the Intel community and Trump that is so off base here, and did Schiff do with the whistleblower the first one what they did with Kavanaugh witnesses coach them up?”

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