Trump: 2020 Dems Want to Raid Medicare to Fund a Thing Called Socialism

‘Any socialists in the room?’


TRUMP: “But they may go by different names, whether it is single-payer or the so-called public option, but they are all based on the totally same terrible idea. They want to raid Medicare to fund a thing called socialism. Any socialists in the room? I don't think so. Not too many. Anybody? No? No. Not too many in the villages. You are not big on socialism down here, right? These geniuses, these real estate geniuses said, 'No, we are not too good.' Every one of these plans involves rationing care, restricting access, deny coverage, slashing quality and massively raising taxes. They want to raise your taxes. They also want to have open borders. So people can just come in and do whatever they want to do."

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