Andrea Mitchell Gushes Kerry ‘Doesn’t Give Up Easily’; Touts Pizza Named After Him

‘If he doesn’t get a nuclear deal, he has at least made his mark here’

NBC’s Andrea Mitchell Gushes John Kerry 'Doesn't Give Up Easily’; Touts Pizza Named After Him (NewsBusters)

On Tuesday, NBC’s chief foreign affairs correspondent Andrea Mitchell took time out of her NBC Nightly News report from Switzerland on the Iranian nuclear talks to hail Secretary of State John Kerry as someone who “doesn’t give up easily” and gush that a local pizzeria in the town where the talks are being held has decided to name “a pizza after him.”

Following a lead-in from interim anchor Lester Holt, Mitchell started by describing negotiators having the “weary look of college students pulling an all-nighter” and noted that “President Obama had said they wouldn't go past March 31st” but now will continue. It should be mentioned that, to her credit, she was the only network reporter Tuesday night to mention that fact. 

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