Howard Dean: Young Obama Voters Not Really Liberal, They’re Libertarian

‘Young people are not necessarily to the left’

DEAN: "I think what you're seeing is a redefinition of what the word conservative means. I don't see the embracing of same-sex couples as moving to the Left. I see it as a libertarian, a true libertarian principle that young people are embracing. Young people in this country are not necessarily to the Left. I know they voted heavily for Obama, but they are what they are, libertarian in terms of social stuff. And even economically more so than I think we are.

The problem is that the governor really wasn't truthful at the press conference. In fact, this absolutely allows farce and so forth and so on and discriminate against same-sex couples and that opens the door of discriminating against anybody that you don't approve of, claiming religion is the base for that. 

The problem with that is that we've heard that argument before about interracial marriage, about segregation. It just doesn't fly. The reason -- they have a law like this in Illinois right next door, but the reason nobody protests about it is because in their law, and I think in their constitution, they've enshrined the rights of gay and lesbian people to enjoy the same rights as everybody else has. That's what Indiana hasn't done and that's what they won't do."

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