Michael Moore: ‘Trump Is on the Run,’ Dems ‘Need to Chase Him Down’— ‘This Is Very Dangerous’

‘They should not pull back now’


MOORE: “So many millions want the committee to investigate, the higher number is for impeach and remove when that question is asked. It’s amazing. And the Democrats, God, I hope they -- yes, Trump is on the run. They need to chase him down. They should not pull back now. They have got to — you know, it’s like the Democrats to me have been like the French during World War II. You’re either the government where you’re going to go along to get along, and the Nazis are happy with the job you’re doing so they leave you alone, or you’re in the French Resistance, and the Democrats need to be in the French Resistance right now. Save our democracy. This is very dangerous."

(h/t Breitbart)

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