Rachel Maddow to Colbert Whether She’d Go out to Dinner with Cuomo, Hannity: ‘I Doubt They Eat the Same Things’

‘I have nothing against them personally — I don’t know what they eat’


MADDOW: “I have social anxiety. I don’t go out to dinner, so the answer is probably no just because of me. But I have a lot of respect for both of them. I mean there’s— you know when you have this kind of a job, it’s a small cohort of people who do this work … And when you’re up against others who do this work well. Doesn’t matter if they’re competitors, they’re the ones who know what it’s like to do this job every day 52 weeks a year. I have nothing against them personally. I don’t know what they eat. I doubt they eat the same things. They’re different guys.”

(Via Mediaite)

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