Dana Perino: Elizabeth Warren Benefits the Most on Trump Impeachment

‘I would say Elizabeth Warren is definitely in lid top seat’


PERINO: “Well, I think that the questions surrounding Hunter Biden are going to come up at some point for the Biden campaign and if you think back, it was July that The New Yorker magazine did this really long feature piece about Hunter Biden, didn’t get a ton of attention. I read the whole thing because I learned early on from you, you always read these long magazine pieces because you can pick up things. So this was going to come, whether it came from President Trump or from perhaps one of his rivals on the 2020 scene on the Democratic side, it was definitely coming so they were going to have to deal with it sooner or later. But there is a beneficiary and it is Elizabeth Warren, no doubt. She's had arguably the best summer of all of the candidates. She is raising a lot of money. She is now, in my opinion, the de facto leader of the Democratic Party until something else happens.”

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