Ben Carson Announces Health Care for the 35 Million Americans that Live in Opportunity Zones

‘It provides health care for the 35 million people who live in the Opportunity Zones’


CARSON: “But we did just recently announce some major incentives for health care for major hospitals, for clinics coming into opportunity zones and getting some major advantages. And that serves two purposes. It provides health care for the 35 million people who live in the opportunity zones, and it provides a source of good-paying jobs. So, you know, killing two birds with one stone. That’s what it’s really all about. I recently visited some opportunity zones where some young men were just so proud of the fact that through our Section 3 program, they had gained skills about putting in windows and doors. One of them was starting a new company. This is what we’re trying to do, you know. You start with a nidus and then it just blossoms and people begin to benefit."

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