Jim Jordan: Trump Administration Put the Transcript of the Call on a Classified Server Because It Has More Leaks Than Any Other Administration

‘They should be putting everything in there’


JORDAN: "You know why they put it in a classified server? Because this administration — there was a study here done by the Senate in 2017. More leaks in the first five months, state security leaks in the first five months of the Trump Administration than any other administration. They should be putting everything in there. With folks around you who are leaking information, we remember the call to the former prime minister of Australia — here is what it says. 'It is effective the Trump Administration has been besieged by leaks at a level that far exceeds that of any other administration —'"
TAPPER: "I recognize you guys don’t want the facts coming out."
JORDAN: "No, you have to protect from the leaks. If I'm the Trump Administration, I’d be putting every communication in this —"

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