Susan Rice: ‘No,’ the Obama Admin. Was Never Worried About Biden’s Ukraine Work

‘There were no hiding the records or the transcripts’


RICE: "No, and let me explain why. There's a complete distract and deflect play going on here, which is to try to conflate what Vice President Biden did at President Obama’s behest on behalf of transparent and overt U.S. policy objectives, pushing back on corruption in a country where the United States and our allies were providing millions of dollars of economic assistance, and trying to bolster this nascent democracy in Ukraine. Vice President Biden made phone calls and took trips in support of that U.S. policy objective. It was transparent. It was stated openly. It was backed by our western partners and the IMF. There was no secrecy about it. There were no hiding the records or the transcripts. It was all the basic work of diplomacy. And to suggest that there is some equivalence between the President of the United States, this President, Trump, extorting a foreign leader to advance his partisan personal interests, and the Vice President or President of the United States in Biden or Obama pursuing a policy that was open and transparent and backed by Congress that was pursuant to our interests, is completely out of the norm."

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