Tucker Carlson Decries Impeachment as ‘Administrative Coup d’Etat,’ Calls Adam Schiff ‘Demonstrably Mentally Ill’

‘Imagine having to run the country when you can’t even speak confidentially with their counterparts in other countries’


CARLSON: “So I hope you’re following that, they are telling us — The Squad is telling us in the rest of the party is obeying — issues are now irrelevant, impeachment is all that matters. You may be wondering whatever happened to the Democratic Party, the party of working people, the fabled big tent party? That’s gone. Increasingly the Democratic Party looks like an alliance between the women’s studies department at Oberlin and a group of unscrupulous Intel officials. The group is both flaky and authoritarian, that’s a rotten combination. It’s a rotten combination for the Democratic Party itself. For 230 years, this has been a republic with an elected president, elected. Over time, it’s worked pretty well but now without a single vote being held, no referendum on this at all, bureaucrats in Washington have decided to change the system. They would like a new form of government where Americans real rulers of the unelected bureaucrats in the Intel agencies in Washington. They aren’t hiding this, they’ve been fighting for it pretty openly since before Trump’s presidency began. In the summer of 2016, the FBI justified opening the Russia investigation, and sucked all of the oxygen out of the city — they justified it on Trump campaign position, they didn’t like has publicly stated views on Russia. The views that voters ratified when they elected Trump. The Intel community disagreed with his foreign policy views so they tried to destroy him.”

(Via Mediaite)

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