John Solomon: Democrats Attempted To Collude with Ukraine in 2016

‘Democrats knowingly and willfully soliciting Ukraine to try to get involved in our election’


SOLOMON: “They asked for all dirt that the Ukraine might have on Paul Manafort and they asked if when President Poroshenko, the Ukrainian president came to the United States, if he could make a statement dirtying up Paul Manafort in the Trump campaign. That is asking a foreign power to get involved in our 2016 election. And I’ll take you to just last month. In August, Democratic Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut, member I believe of the Intelligence Committee, if I remember, if not the Foreign Relations Committee, but important senator, goes to Ukraine, meets with the new President Zelensky. By his own admission, Chris Murphy admits and he brags that he did this, just like Joe Biden bragged he got the prosecutor fired, 'When I was there I told President Zelensky, if you cooperate with Rudy Giuliani and President Trump on Hunter Biden, you will lose your Democratic support for your foreign aid in Ukraine.' Now, which party’s politicizing and getting Ukraine involved in the election? Even if you take the position that President Trump was being political when he asked for that, it’s preceded by two years of the Democratic Party repeatedly asking Ukraine to insinuate itself in the United States election. And those are the sort of things that I think you don’t get in the media today, you’re only getting half the story. Just like we only got half a story on Russia collusion at the beginning of that now debunked scandal."

(Via RealClearPolitics)

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