Ana Navarro to Elected Republicans: Put Your Damn Country over Your Damn Party

‘I’d like to see Donald Trump held accountable, but I know Republicans are not going to do it’


NAVARRO: “No, it doesn’t, and it’s 14 months away from an election, four months away from the first votes being cast in Iowa. It’s going to suck up a lot of political capital and resources and attention. And, look, I have an internal struggle with this, right? Just me personally. On the one hand, I’d like to see Donald Trump held accountable, but I know Republicans are not going to do it. Their silence on this issue is so telling but for people like Mitt Romney. And I also know it’s not going to end up in anything like you say. But on the other hand, there’s the principle of the issue of the Constitution being violated, of there being abuses of power, of Donald Trump getting away with lawlessness, of Donald Trump getting away with activity that should not be allowed in a co-equal government, in a government like the United States. And you know what? What I am going to do is implore with Republicans, elected Republicans particularly in the Senate, to for once during this administration put your damn country over your damn party. You know, we’re talking about the Ukraine. This is — this is a country where Republicans invested so much. I remember all the times that John McCain went there. There’s a street named for him because the U.S. Was with the Ukrainian people, against the invasion of Russia and Crimea because the U.S. Was such an integral part of wanting to build a democracy and a strong government in Ukraine. So now for Republicans to look the other way and play dumb is absolutely grotesque.”

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