Axelrod: Trump Is Not Concerned About Corruption in Ukraine But the Fact He’s Trailing Biden by Double Digits

‘Does anybody really believe that Donald Trump is concerned about corruption in Ukraine’


AXELROD: "Yeah. No, he’s becoming increasingly brazen. Listen, this was either implicit or explicit extortion in plain sight. We know what happened because he’s told us what happened, and here’s the thing. Donald Trump — this has been true throughout his life, throughout his business career, and it’s true with him as President of the United States. He does not believe in rules and laws and norms and institutions, and he doesn’t believe they apply to him. The words that never pass from his lips are we could do that but it would be wrong. The only thing that he thinks is wrong is if you don’t take full advantage of every situation to pursue your self-interest. Does anybody really believe that Donald Trump is concerned about corruption in Ukraine and that was what motivated him? Or was it the fact that he’s trailing Joe Biden by double digits in the polls right now and understands that if he can’t destroy him and has to run against him that he will probably lose? I mean, the whole thing is transparent."

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