Philippe Reines Mocks Fellow Fox News Panelists on Trump-Ukraine: ‘Your Heads Would Be Exploding’ If Hillary Clinton Did This

‘Donald Trump did not deny that he brought up Joe Biden to the foreign minister, president of Ukraine’


REINES: "I don't know once we know the details, but here's what we know. Donald Trump has not denied that he brought up Joe Biden to the foreign minister of Ukraine, president of Ukraine. That is not okay. Because unless Joe Biden said, 'Hey, Donald, please send my best,' there is no reason for Joe Biden’s name to come up in that conversation once, twice, eight times. Whether it’s promising, threatening, quid pro quo, demanding, whatever it is, that’s crossing a line. And, yes, there’s a problem with that. Let’s just say for a moment Hillary Clinton had won and Donald Trump was challenging her again next year and we were talking about Hillary Clinton talking to a foreign lead to help her find dirt on one of the Trump kids, your heads would be exploding. Exploding!"

(Via Mediaite)

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