Adam Schiff: If There’s No Quid Pro Quo with the Ukrainian President, Why Doesn’t Trump Release Transcript of the Call?

‘We’re talking about serious or flagrant abuse and potential violation of law and there is no privilege that protects that’


SCHIFF: "Well, if that's the case, then why doesn’t the President simply release the transcript of that call? And I don’t know whether the whistleblower complaint is on this allegation, but if it is, and even if it isn’t, why doesn’t the President just say release the whistleblower complaint? Clearly, he’s afraid for the public to see either one of those things and we’re determined to make sure that the public does, that the nation is protected, that if the President of the United States is browbeating a foreign leader at the same time he was withholding vital military assistance that Ukraine needed to defend itself against Russia and trying to get dirt on his political opponent in yet a second campaign, then the country needs to know about it and we need to take defensive steps."

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