Sen. Chris Coons Alleges FBI Failed to Follow Up on Kavanaugh Allegations

‘I got a confirmation from the FBI they had received it, but to the best of my knowledge they never questioned or even contacted him’


COONS: "The FBI investigation was deeply disappointing and troubling. They did not conduct what I would consider a by-the-book background investigation. They did not handle the tip line, to the best of my knowledge, in the way that tip lines typically are. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and I sent a letter to the director of the FBI August 1, saying please clarify why you didn’t follow what we understand to be standard investigatory procedure and at whose direction. The question we don’t have answered is given that that investigation is a sham, at whose direction did that happen? The FBI doesn’t just make these things up. They were acting in response to a client, whether they considered that White House counsel or the Senate judiciary Committee majority. This is, I think, a break from past practice where the Republicans and Democrats on the Judiciary Committee came to agreement about how investigations ought to happen. In this confirmation overall, that broke down, and I suspect this is the result of that breakdown."

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