Fox News: DOJ Inspector General Submits Draft Report on Russia Investigation Origins

‘They include former director James Comey, who signed off on the first surveillance warrant for a Trump campaign aid’

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HERRIDGE: “The best guesstimate is late September order October. We’ve obtained this letter, it really says the Pfizer investigation is in its final stages without confirmation from inspector general Horowitz drafts are now with the Justice Department and the FBI. In the letter to congressional oversight committees, Horowitz outlines a multistep review process with FBI director Christopher Wray, and Attorney General William Barr, after more than a million records and more than 100 witnesses. A key hurdle remains classification. And how much the report will be blacked out or rejected, on national security grounds. Horowitz writes, “We have now begun the process of finalizing our report by providing a draft of our factual findings to the FBI for classification, determination, and marking. We will now proceed with our usual process for preparing final drafts public and classified reports.” As part of the standard inspector general review process, former officials who signed off on the FISA will have the chance to provide comment for the final public report. They include former director James Comey, who signed off on the first surveillance warrant for a Trump campaign aid. His former deputy, Andrew McCabe. The bureau’s top lawyer, James Baker. Former FBI agent Peter Strzok, lawyer Lisa Page, among other witnesses. This morning a senior Republican on the House Judiciary Committee said the recent report on Comey shows he violated FBI policy and the bureau’s employment agreement, and he said that backs up Attorney general Barr’s recent statements.”

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