‘Fox & Friends’ Rip New York Times Over Kavanaugh Walk Back: ‘Facts Don’t Add Up’

‘If the New York Times had done any research or fact-checking at all, they would have known from the beginning this allegation was false’


DOOCY: “The 'New York Times' 5:00 in the afternoon put out a tweet -- and said I’m not going to use the language from these allegations because it’s not appropriate for breakfast time -- but at 5:00 they tweeted out what happened, what Brett Kavanaugh allegedly did, quote: 'May seem like harmless fun.' May seem like harmless fun, they said. Then two minutes later they put, we have deleted earlier Tweets poorly phrased. And then a retraction vanished at 11:00. The paper then apologized. They said we deleted a previous tweet regarding this article, it was offensive and we apologize."
PAVLICH: "Offensive and wrong. The facts don’t add up to this. And you know, the Kavanaugh hearings got a lot of attention. The accusations got a lot of attention. But what didn’t get a lot of attention was a report that the Senate judiciary Committee issued by both Republican and Democrat investigators on November 2nd, 2018, 400 plus pages showing that not a single allegation, including the one by Ramirez had any evidence to support the claim or any witnesses to corroborate the accusations. There were a number of people referred for criminal prosecution for lying. There was one woman who admitted to investigators that she made it up for attention. And so if the 'New York Times' had done any research or fact-checking at all, they would have known from the beginning this allegation was false and they continue to use sources connected to the Clintons as credible sourcing without any kind of questions in terms of their credibility and what their motives may be."

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