Klobuchar: Immigrant Workers Are in Tears Because of What Trump Says About Hispanics

‘Imagine the people of this country, the immigrant worker at the nursing home that’s in tears because what he says about Hispanics’

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STEPHANOPOULOS: You’re getting good reviews for your performance on Thursday night but still stuck near the bottom of the pack in the polls. How do you build on that? What’s your breakout strategy?

KLOBUCHAR: Well I think it started on that debate night, because I had an opportunity with just 10 people up there for people to see my vision for the country and how I can win this and how we don’t just need to win the presidency, we also have to win the Senate, and that means winning in states like Colorado and Arizona and Alabama and how important that is to get things done. And that gave me that moment. We’re here in Iowa today, opening offices in Council Bluffs and other places, and then from there I’m doing a blue wall tour to show those states like Pennsylvania and Michigan and Wisconsin that we need to win to win this election. And so my argument is I’m from the middle of the country, I was one of only three women up on that stage, and also I’m someone that has a history of getting things done and bringing people together, which is what we need in this country when this president wakes up every morning and — imagine the people of this country, the immigrant worker at the nursing home that’s in tears because what he says about Hispanics or the elderly person that can’t afford their insulin anymore and is keeping those drops in an injector or the farmer who is — has their soybeans mounting up in a bin and doesn’t know if they can continue a farm that’s been in their family for generations. That is what the election is about and we can’t forget that and let this president distract us.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Senator Klobuchar, thanks for your time this morning.

KLOBUCHAR: Thank you, George. It was great to be on.

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