Devin Nunes to Hannity: Republicans Should ‘Stop Giving Quotes’ to Mainstream Media Outlets Allied with Dems

‘Most of the media out there are assets of the Democratic Party’


NUNES: “The Democrats control the house. This is what they want to do. They were in cover-up mode. They were in the hoax. The dossier was given by John Brennan to Harry Reid. I am glad are talking about the media. We as Republicans need to stop talking to media people. Most of the media out there are assets of the Democratic Party. I think Republicans need to just, if there are fair reporters out there, fine. But the “New York Times” and the others that continue to spread these fallacies like the other bombshell talking about these sources, it’s also fake news. This needs to stop and Republicans need to stop giving quotes to mainstream media outlets.”

(Via Mediaite)

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