Marc Thiessen Absolutely Pans Trump’s ‘Indefensible’ Taliban Invite: ‘It’s Beyond Belief!’

‘Donald Trump gets a lot of unfair criticism, I’m always the first one out there when his wrongly criticized’


THIESSEN: "Yeah. I mean, the President is in the right place right now and I agree with everything he just said there, but the problem, what was the big mistake was inviting the Taliban to Camp David on the anniversary of 9/11, and John Bolton opposed that. Whether he was fired over that or he resigned, we don’t know really what happened there, but good for him for standing up and opposing that. You know, when I was watching the 9/11 ceremonies this morning and watching you on the air covering them, it was incredibly moving, but the thought that kept going through my mind was the President of the United States invited the people who did this to Camp David this weekend. It’s just beyond belief. And look, Donald Trump gets a lot of unfair criticism, I’m almost always the first one out there to defend him when he's wrongly criticized. This is indefensible. So, you know, if John Bolton put his stars on the table or spoke up enough to the point that the President wanted to get rid of him on this, then he did the right thing."

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