Chris Coons: No One ‘Is Better Qualified than Joe Biden to Lead Us’

‘He can actually solve the problems facing our country’


COONS: “I think the reason that Vice President Biden’s standing in the polls has stayed so strong over six months where there’s been a lot — there’s been a media narrative about gaffes or misstatements or missteps or he certainly can’t hold the lead this long, and yet he has a strong and durable lead across the country is because the American people know his heart, they know his values, they know where he would take us. President Trump ran on fixing the challenges facing the middle class but has utterly failed to deliver on that. Joe Biden, often called ‘Middle-Class Joe’ has never forgotten where he was from, from Scranton, from Claymont, Delaware. And I think he is the person who can actually solve the problems facing our country and the things we were just talking about, our place on the world stage, the role of the national security adviser, no one on that stage is better qualified than Joe Biden to lead us into a safer, more prosperous future.”

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