Hannity Rips MSNBC, CNN on Debunked Spy Story: They Go from Story to Story Without Any Apologies

‘It’s just part of a sick pattern’


HANNITY: “They key. We are not done. It’s just part of a sick pattern. They go story after story after story. The never apologized. Never revise their remarks. Never make the correction. Never apologized. Let’s Move onto the next obsession. Impeach. Impeach. It never ends. The many monologue is coming up. Today, general Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell, she was in court today. Egregious government misconduct. Powell is pushing for the release of multiple documents that she believes will exculpatory her clients. While before the appointment of a special counsel. While before Fatima Mueller turned the screws on general Flynn. Something you’d never do in the Obama Administration or the Bush administration. Right-hand man said, no, you don’t need an attorney. This is nothing. Only braked about what setting up a 33 year veteran. This is Mr. Super patriot. Many of those years in combat. This is how we’re going to treat such a man of distinction that served this country customer take a look. It’s because you look at this White House now, and it’s hard to imagine to FBI agents. How did that happen question or.”

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