Fareed Zakaria: John Bolton’s Exit Signals a Breakdown in Foreign Policy Process

‘Then they notice that some of their advisers are actually not in sync with them’


ZAKARIA: “It’s a big deal because it’s systematic really of a breakdown in a policy process. Sometimes you do have situations where presidents come into office. They often haven’t thought a lot about foreign policy. They develop a foreign policy view as they go through crises, and then they notice that some of their advisers are actually not in sync with them. That’s a normal process. Ronald Reagan went through six national security advisers. Here’s it’s puzzling because Trump’s views on foreign policy are well known. I mean he basically wants to end those wars. He wants to negotiate. Bolton’s views are very well known. Trump must have had the — you know, the recorder on mute during the Fox News broadcast that John Bolton was on because Bolton is a superhawk, very aggressive, wants to bomb every country, doesn’t want to do any of the peace deals. What was Trump thinking when he hired him? So, you know, it’s the dysfunction at the heart of the Trump White House, which is why are these people being hired? They don’t seem to agree with the president. He doesn’t seem to respect them. Really there is the kind of weird what is going on here?”

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