Noah on Canceled Taliban Meeting: It Was Because Trump Was Being a ‘Pussy Ass B*tch’

‘The Taliban didn’t want to come to America’

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NOAH: “. But — the Taliban didn’t want to come to America, firstly because they don’t trust the United States — which I understand — they’re, like, we’re not coming there — and, secondly, because they probably don’t want to deal with the T.S.A. Can you imagine how stressful that shit’s going to be for them? Just going to come in as the Taliban? You have to fill out the little forms, the guy at the T.S.A. Is going to be, like, what do you do for a living? Tim leader of the Taliban. So you’re a terrorist? Yes, but not for this trip, okay? Newt for this trip, this time I’m off the clock. So the Taliban refused to come to America and Trump tweeted out, no, I’m breaking up with you guys, and, so, there’s a possibility that the war in Afghanistan will continue now because Trump has put a photo opportunity above peace. Yeah. Which, according to web M.D. Is a classic symptom of a pussy ass bitch. We’ll be right back.”

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