Anderson Cooper to Joe Walsh: Why Shouldn’t People Think You’re Only Running for Publicity?

‘I’m running because this guy is unfit for office’


COOPER: “The president said that you’re running as a publicity stunt. Obviously, you’ve been a radio host provocateur, you’ve said racist things, you’ve said President Obama was a Muslim, which you’ve recently said you regret. If you said all of those things and maybe — and if you didn’t believe some of them at the time, why shouldn’t people think you’re running just for publicity now?”

WALSH: “Look, I’m running because this guy is unfit for office. And you know it, Anderson, I know it. And I think most Republicans know it. I mean, look at what happened in the last 24 hours. The president of the United States — I want to say that again, the president of the United States tweeted last night about an American citizen that she is a filthy-mouthed wife. That came from the president of the United States. The same guy who invited the Taliban on American soil, the same guy who probably ordered Wilbur Ross to fire, to threaten to fire our national weather service folks, because they had the temerity to speak the truth about Alabama and the hurricane. He’s unfit for office, Anderson. That’s why I’m running because that truth needs to be told.”

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