Pompeo: Unlike Obama, This Administration Will Never Leave Afghanistan Without Ensuring to Protect America

‘We will never do that’


POMPEO: "Jake, you’re just wrong about that. I have been fully supportive of this effort. The direction we’ve taken at the State Department, the effort President Trump has given us guidance to go deliver on something that I think is important, it's valuable, I think the timing is just right. We made enormous progress. I know who the Taliban are and I know who al Qaeda is, and I have seen that U.N. report. I will tell you they described al Qaeda leadership as being happy about the conditions in Afghanistan. Well, a lot of them are in their graves. Make no mistake, we will continue to punish, we will continue to pound, we will continue to fight, we will continue to protect the American people. We will never construct a deal. If I was worried about Barack Obama and President Obama, it was because he was prepared to leave without ensuring we can protect America. This administration will never do that."

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