Mike Pompeo: ‘President Trump Made It Clear We Won’t Withdraw’ from Afghanistan Just Because There’s a Timeline

‘President Trump will always protect Americans and the American interest, and one of the ways we are trying to do that is take down the violence levels in Afghanistan so we can rebalance’


POMPEO: "You saw what President Ghani said this morning, too, that’s his ask. We need to see a significant commitment in two ways, one, we need to see that they’re committed to, and second, we need to see that they're capable of delivering on the promises that they've made. This has been something that multiple administrations have tried. President Trump made clear we’re not just going to withdraw because there’s a timeline. We’re only going to reduce our forces when certain conditions are met. And if can''t get those conditions, just like the President has walked away from a deal with the North Koreans, just like the President has walked away from entrees from the Iranian government, if it's not right, if it's not protecting the American people, if the conditions aren't appropriate on the ground and proper to protect America, we're not going to enter into any deal."

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