Scaramucci: ‘I Don’t Think President Trump Is Going to Make It to the November Election’

‘I do not think he will be the Republican nominee’

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SCARAMUCCI: "I'm not supporting Joe Biden. Well, I don't want to rule anything out because I'm a flexible guy and, you know, I'm running $12 billion, you got to be very flexible when you run money. I'm not going to rule anything out, but I am a Republican. I don't believe President Trump is going to make it to the November election. I do not think he will be the Republican nominee. And so, let's see how the race shapes up. If he is the Republican nominee, I will be working to defeat him, for sure, because you can't have this guy running the country for the next four or five years. Now, if you're telling me they're going to put up Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders, invite me back on and then we'll have an analytical conversation about what to do."

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