NBC’s Dylan Byers Calls Out CNN, Jake Tapper for Covering Trump’s Hurricane Meltdown

‘There are kitchen table issues that so many more Americans want to read about’


BYERS: “I do begin to wonder five days into this story if there’s not also a question to be on the media’s fixation of this story. I mean, at a certain point like, how much are we participating in a feedback loop and what exactly are we trying to achieve? Are we trying to demonstrate to audiences that the president and his administration are inept? Don’t we think so many years into this administration that the amount of Americans who believe he’s inept, already know he's inept, and the amount of Americans who support him aren’t evening listening to us. And the vast majority of Americans are probably wondering, yes, why is the president so fixated on this? But at the same time why is the media so fixated? And I swear, I go -- I go to CNN.com and I see one of their foremost journalist Jake Tapper and he's writing the lead story on the website about how Trump invited a Fox News journalist into the White House to give him some of this. I mean, not to sound like a politician but there are kitchen table issues here that so many more Americans want to read about."

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