Meyers: The National Weather Service Has to Monitor Trump’s Tweets in Addition to Monitoring the Actual Hurricane

‘It actually makes sense because Donald Trump is the hurricane’

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MEYERS: “This whole thing started when trump tweeted over the weekend that alabama would be hit by hurricane dorian and then 20 minutes later, the national weather service had to tweet alabama will not see any impacts by hurricane dorian. we repeat, no impacts from hurricane dorian will be felt across alabama that was 20 minutes later. the national weather service has to monitor the president’s tweets as closely as they monitor actual hurricanes. [ laughter ] which actually makes sense because when you think of it, donald trump is the hurricane, except unlike regular hurricanes that eventually die down everyday, trump blows harder [ light laughter ] after he was corrected by his own government, trump doubled down, as you probably saw. yesterday he seemed to alter a forecast on the storm’s paths from last week with a circle added in sharpie, to include alabama.”

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