Buttigieg: The Bible Talks About Welcoming ‘the Stranger,’ Which Could Be Another Word for Immigrant

‘What we’re seeing in the White House is the opposite’

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BUTTIGIEG: “But at the same time, as we see some of these figures on the religious right embrace behavior and I think policies but definitely behavior that flies in the face not just of my values but of their own, then it reminds me of all of the parts of scripture where there is a lot about hypocrisy, and I think we have an obligation to call that out and to speak about how, you know, not just the Christian faith tradition that I belong to but pretty much any religious or non-religious group eever heard of tells us it’s important how we treat the least among us, the most vulnerable, the marginalized, we’re obliged to serve the poor, heal the sick, welcome the stranger — another word for immigrant — and what we’re seeing in the White House is the opposite.”

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