Joe Scarborough Screams at GOP Congress over Trump Border Wall Plan: ‘How Weak Are You!?’

‘Thom Tillis, how long have you been there?’


SCARBOROUGH: "This is not tough. If you are running against Thom Tillis, I mean, or in the alternative, if you care about our military men and women that serve overseas, that serve here, I mean, to steal $80 million for a wall that he said Mexico was going to pay for that Republicans wouldn’t even fund, they had control of the House and the Senate for two years and John Cornyn said it wasn’t worth it, Lindsey Graham said it wasn’t worth it. So he stole money from their states and they couldn’t stop him. They were too weak to stop him. I will tell you what, I don’t care who it was — well, actually, Newt Gingrich did try to take some money from some of my military bases and it did not end well. I got all the money back and I was just a lowly congressman. So these senators — I forgot about that. I swear to God, handed me a piece of paper and he said — he said, 'Here you go, congressman, now you tell me where you want the money to go in these five — on your five military bases and we will put it there.' That was the end of the story after he gutted my military bases. And I was a lowly freshman. And these senators, Thom Tillis, how long have you been there? He just stole $80 million from your state. How weak are you?! Unbelievable.”

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