Scaramucci Argues Trump’s Hurricane Dorian Tweets Show He’s ‘Obviously in Mental Decline’: ‘Its a Full-Blown Meltdown’

‘The guy is obviously in mental decline’


SCARAMUCCI: "Well, I mean, if you look at a whole pattern of speech and you look at the whole deterioration of his syntax and the way he's talking, I’m not a psychiatrist so I’m not going to clinically evaluate him, but just as a person, looking at him as a voter, you’re saying, 'Okay, the guy is obviously in mental decline.' But what I find sad and troubling about the whole is that he's got a group of people around him that are supposedly loyal to him and like him, that they’re not addressing it and they're not evaluating it. So what's happening is CNN is showing a clip like that, which is incredibly embarrassing. But here’s what I would say. If it was my dad or a family member and you were showing clips like that, there’s a little bit of sadness to the whole thing. There’s an element of sadness to the whole thing. So for me, I’m looking at that, the guy is obviously in mental decline. He missed the fact that Alabama wasn’t affected by the storm."

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