Kevin McCarthy on Odessa: ‘We Do Know Mental Health Is a Major Problem in What’s Happening in America Today’

‘Why did those things fall through the crack?’


MCCARTHY: "Well, the one thing I’ve found — I don’t know why this took place. I know the police officer pulled this individual over, don’t know why he was being pulled over, what went through this process. We do know mental health is a major problem of what’s happening in America today, that that is one element of what’s the deal here. We also knew that the national instant criminal background check was a problem, and in the last Congress that’s why we did something about that. We made sure we updated that, because when you looked at other shootings that took place — one that happened in Texas, when you look at what happened down at Parkland that the FBI was warned about it not once, but twice, why did those things fall through the crack? We knew the national instant criminal background check had a problem, and we updated that. Those are the things we are looking at, how do we find common sense solutions to make sure we can prevent this, not legislation that just is going to carry this on further."

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