Buck Sexton: James Comey Owes the American People and the FBI an Apology

‘What he has done is going to have ramifications for a long time to come’

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HEGSETH: "Fired FBI director James Comey believes he is owed an apology in the wake of that doj watchdog report finding that he set, quote, a dangerous example when he leaked his private conversations with president Trump Comey admitted to using his memo in order to have a special counsel appointed dragging the nation through a two and a half year saga. So here ho really owes who an apology? Here to discuss former CIA analyst buck sexton, former federal prosecutor Hakes and counter-terrorism division Terry everyoney. Thank you for being here this morning. Buck, I’m going to start with you, who really is-ed an apology here based on what we know?"
SEXTON: "I think James Comey owes the American people an apology. I think he owes the FBI an apology as well. What he has done is going to have ramifications for a long time to come. He used his role — he used his position at the top of the FBI to wage a personal vendetta and that’s not even just my analysis. That’s what’s in the inspector general report. That’s going to harm the relationship that future presidents may have with their FBI directors, with other agency heads that has absolutely politicized the FBI and the department of justice in a way that is going to have negative ramifications. So I think Comey has a lot of apologizing to do. The fact that he wasn’t criminally charged, that’s a very low bar that James Comey seems to think for his exoneration in this case, considering the way that he has been talking about this for two years. I think Comey has a lot of apologizing to do. Pete: Comey ignored FBI protocol. Created his own in order to move a media narrative to trigger a special counsel. Yet, he is the victim in"

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