Chris Murphy: ‘It’s Not Preposterous To Talk About Bringing Russia Back Into the G7’

‘We should want Russia to be at that table having conversations about the future of the world’


MURPHY: "Well, I haven’t heard anything from the White House, in part because I don’t think there is any official American policy. This is, once again, foreign policy by stream of consciousness, foreign policy by Twitter. And I have said that it’s not preposterous to talk about bringing Russia back into the G-7. We should want Russia to be at that table having conversations about the future of the world, but we should be making that decision in coordination with the other members of that group and we should be saying to the Russians that if you want back into the club, then you have to be willing to take some steps on de-escalating tensions in a place like Eastern Ukraine or Crimea. You know, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be talking about Russia coming back in, but the fact that we’re freelancing and talking about doing it on our own further exacerbates this tension between the United States and all of the other great powers around the world, which makes us weaker and, frankly, incentivizes everybody else from France to Russia to England to make plans without us, to just work around the United States."

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