Carney Punts Question About ‘Plan B’ if ObamaCare Site Isn’t Working By Month’s End

‘I would say right now the tech experts who can answer this question better than anyone else’

ACOSTA: "And what is the plan B if that doesn't happen? If the website's not working. Are there deliberations under way right now inside the Administration to perhaps, extend the enrollment deadlines, all of the various things that you've been asked about in the briefings, is there a plan B?"
CARNEY: "Jim, I would say right now, the tech experts who can answer this question better than anyone else, in terms of what fixes need to be made, and on what schedule they can be made, believe that this can be done by the end of the month so that the website is functioning effectively for the vast majority of users. That has never meant that there would be zero problems with the site, as is the case with almost any complicated, and complex site, both private and public that exists. But it has to be functioning effectively for the vast majority of users. It's an important portal through which the American people who are interested in applying for coverage, or at least finding out their options, you know, it's an important portal for them to use. There are, as we know, and we've discussed, other ways to get the information, and they can window shop already on the website. But we're at work trying to make it better every day, and it is getting better every day. But we're not there yet. I think Secretary Sebelius made clear yesterday that we're not there yet, and I know anecdotaly you see proof of that, that the site is not firing effectively on all pistons, if you will, yet, but it needs to be, and that's why the work is so important. You know, and when it comes to the question of extending, we, as I pointed out yesterday, and I think Secretary Sebelius did too, we are still fairly early in a six-month open enrollment period. And it is our belief that if the site is working effectively as expected, that there is time to make sure that the people who are interested in enrolling in these options for coverage to the marketplaces will be able to do so to get insurance on January 1st, and obviously the enrollment period itself lasts through the end of March."

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