Scarborough on Dem 2020 Field: ‘Nobody Has Really Seized the Moment Yet Politically’

‘You have to seize the moment when you’re up there on the stage’


SCARBOROUGH: "Jonathan Lemire, the DNC has been criticized, Mike offered some very legitimate criticism of the DNC and how it’s been run, media outlets that have run these debates have been criticized. But I go back to the candidates. You have to seize the moment when you’re up there on the stage. Donald Trump did it in 2016, one of the most famous moments was in Nashville and New Hampshire back in 1980, in the 1980 race, when Ronald Reagan grabbed the microphone and said, 'I paid for this, Mike, Mr. Green.' His name was Breen, but it doesn’t matter. It was one of the defining moments of the campaign. Bill Clinton was always very good in debates doing that. I just haven’t seen that with Democrats in this race. Some may raise their voice, some may yell, but nobody has really seized the moment yet politically."

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