Andy Biggs: It Doesn’t Surprise Me Dems Were Looking to Impeach Trump Before the Mueller Report Was Released

‘It is kind of surprising that if they are indicating that this was official, they have done nothing to make this official’


BIGGS: "That is part of the whole thing, Jon. The chairman has been garbled on messaging and what he wants to do. He has been wanting to impeach President Trump literally since President Trump won an election. Don’t forget that we have had multiple resolutions in Congress to do that. Nadler has supported all of those. But he needed to get this investigation going, and he basically started that in January when he became chairman. So we interviewed witnesses and what have you, and they were really hanging their hat on the Mueller investigation even though you had members of the committee saying, 'Look, we are doing an impeachment inquiry.' That’s what they kept saying, 'inquiry.' And then you have Mr. Nadler basically coming out and saying, 'No, no, we’re not really doing that.' So it has been a mishmash of messaging, but their real intention all along has been to try to find a way to impeach this president."

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