CNN: Sources Say There Was Feuding Between World Leaders and Trump About Letting Russia Back Into G-7

‘Most of the allies, including Boris Johnson, Angela Merkel and Emanuel Macron, balked at the idea’


SANCHEZ: “President Donald Trump returning to Washington from the g7 calling it a great success on Twitter but two diplomatic sources and one senior U.S. Official tells CNN behind the scenes there was feuding between world leaders in France over his insistence that Russia be invited to rejoin the group.”
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TRUMP: “A lot of people say having Russia, which is a power, having them inside the room is better than having them outside of the room. By the way, there were numerous people during the g7 that felt that way and we didn’t take a vote or anything but we did discuss it. My inclination is to say yes, they should be in.”
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SANCHEZ: “But CNN learned that is not the case at all. Only outgoing Italian prime minister Giuseppe conte agreed but most of the alleys including Boris Johnson and Angela Merkel and Emanuel pack Ron balked at the idea leading to tense heated exchanges betweening a Saturday dinner. One diplomatic source saying Trump repeatedly blamed his predecessor Barack Obama for ejecting Russia from the group even as he was outnumbered by counterparts who argued that Russia had become more undemocratic since it was ejected for invading crimea in 2014. Trump launched attacks on the press trying to spin coverage of his dizzying performance at the g7 writing media coverage bore no relationship to what actually happened in France. Fake news. It was great. Trump’s trip also punctuated by confounding and misleading statements about the state of trade discussions with China. The first lady’s relationship with north Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un and his outlook on relations with Iran. The president saying he’s open to meeting with Iranian president hassan rouhani while also threatening violence.”

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