Bernie Sanders Dodges on Sen. Warren Calling Herself a Capitalist

‘All I know is Senator Warren is running her campaign, I’m running my campaign’

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KEILAR: “I want to talk about how you describe yourself, which is a democratic socialist. You have said, quote, unfetterred capitalism is destroying the moral and economic fabric of this country. It’s one of the things that draws a lot of your supporters to. But your 2020 opponent, Elizabeth Warren, who agrees with you on most issues, says she’s a capitalist down to her toes. She’s not a democratic socialist like you describe yourself. How do you explain that to voters who are wondering what’s the difference here?”
SANDERS: “Okay, I will let senator Warren speak for herself but I will tell you what I believe. And I believe right now if we are going to transform our economy so it works for working people and not just large, profitable corporations and the 1%, if we’re going to end the absurdity of major corporations like Amazon that make $10 billion in profit not paying one penny in federal income tax, if we end the outrage three people today in America own more wealth that more than bottom half of the American people, if you’re going to end that, the only way you do it is when millions of people stand up and take on the corporate elite. To me one of the aspects of democratic socialism is organizing people and getting people involved in the political process so we take on those people today who have so much economic and political power.”

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