Tucker: Typhus Caused by Los Angeles Homeless Now Even Worse than Before

‘Rat reports have spiked in the last year’


VAUGHN: “Everyone knows rats are dirty but in Los Angeles, the rest can be deadly and we showed you that. Last March we showed you conditions on the streets of Los Angeles that are brought medieval diseases back to life like typhus and since our report, the rat problem is even worse. More cases of the disease continue to pop up. Since 2018 in Los Angeles, there have been 150 cases of typhus and 27 typhus outbreaks. A report from a formal California survey 23 private pest control comedies, all of them say rat reports have spiked in the last year. Just two weeks ago, work safety inspector found that employees at city hall in Los Angeles are exposed to heat of trash and bodily fluids from homeless encampments line the streets not far from l.a.’s skid row.”

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