CNN: White House Drops Attempt to Cancel Foreign Aid

‘The White House is dropping plans to cut billions of dollars in foreign aid’


WESTWOOD: "Well, Brianna, President Trump, the White House, they were facing a wave of opposition from congressional appropriators in both parties and from the State Department who thought this move could do harm to national security, could undermine U.S. interests around the world. But the administration had been trying to cut $4 billion in foreign assistance using what’s known as a recision package. They made the decision, though, not to pursue that package, not to try to get that $4 billion in foreign aid cuts. Sources tell me and my colleague Jennifer Hansler that this decision was made by President Trump himself today, that despite the fact that the administration is saying they still believe there’s fat in the foreign assistance that needs to be trimmed, that there is work that needs to be done reforming foreign aid, they’re not going to move forward with this package because it was so poorly received on Capitol Hill, Brianna."

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