Chuck Todd Goes off After a ‘Head-Spinning’ Day: GOP’s Conditioning the Base to See Trump’s Erratic Behavior as Normal

‘This is no way to run a country’

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TODD: “It is not normal that we can’t take the President seriously because taxes and Greenland are just two in a long list of things he’s completely reversed himself on recently. Sometimes he reverses the reversals. Try to keep up with the background check business. And maybe the most important and consequential piece of all of this, it is not normal for the Republican Party to enable this, to sit back. By not standing up, speaking out, elected Republicans are allowing the President to keep behaving erratically, abnormally, and in ways that are far from effective. And, oh, by the way, conditioning the entire base of the Republican Party that somehow this is normal behavior. It is not normal that a head-spinning 30-minute press availability like this has become the norm."

(Via Mediaite)

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