Bloomberg: ‘Questionable’ Hillary’s Benghazi Emails Were to Personal Accounts

‘Even Democrats have these legitimate concerns’

HEILEMANN: "Among the Democrats that I sat with in this room, ten Democrats, I sat with all of them, basically Hillary Clinton's supporters, eight of the ten raised their hand when I asked whether Hillary Clinton would be -- should turn over server to an independent authority to look at those emails. Does that kind of -- again, I ask you about this quiet -- does the Clinton world hear that from Democrats and worry about it or do they feel as though this thing is now behind them and they just need to move forward?"

EPSTEIN: "I think that they are worried about it. I think that they hope and wish that this is behind them but they know that even Democrats have these legitimate concerns that -- some of the things like The New York Times story that came out today that showed Secretary Clinton emailing with some of her top aides on their private email addresses, that already is contrary to what she said at her press conference and what her team said in their fact sheet and what they said subsequently to that the vast majority of emails were on the State Department accounts, but the ones on Benghazi just happened to be the personal accounts. That's kind of questionable thing and I think it is just going to lead to more calls not only from the Right but from Democrats, just to kind of get it all out there and clean it up rather than leaving more vulnerability and more potential questions that could come out and even less opportunity and time than right now."

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