Anderson Cooper on Trump Backing off on Universal Background Checks: He’s Only Concerned About 2020 Elections

‘He is very concerned about the slippery slope where something gets taken away’


COOPER: “So in the space of a week and a half, all of a sudden, he is very concerned about the slippery slope where something gets taken away although I think what he’s really referring what might be taken away is what he talked about at the beginning of the sentence, the people who got him where he is. That’s what this is about for him. The house and the Senate are on vacation but the NRA are clearly on the job. Remember when the president made fun of congressional leaders to their face saying they were afraid of the NRA by the president was and he would take the heat after parkland, that’s what he said. He said he would take the heat after the shutdown. He would own it. It’s double talk. The words spoken by the president of the United States, do they have any meaning? It doesn’t seem like they do.”

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